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Our father Daniel was Born in April 23rd 1918 in Louisiana on the road between Louisiana and Mississippi Married to times once on May 17th 1937 to Edna Waters by Bennie M Plineland in Chicago, ILL Cook County and after her death he married again to Mary Belle Wytch June 22nd 1968 by Joseph Mcdonald Dan who was lovingly known by many other nicknames such as Big Dan, Big Possum, LT. Rod, Chicago Golden Boy and Pops. Some of those whom he called friends were notables as Richard Pigee, A Dommonic, Tony Zale, Humply Lloyd and Muhammed Ali who he help train in 1964.Great Grand father was a professional boxer and a successful Golden Gloves Champion under contract to Joseph Kellmer, Ben Geller, Frank Sinatra and Danny Thomas.He compiled A Won/Lost record of 142 wins out of 149 fights. He was a director of a better boy's foundation with Warner Sanders, worked with United Catholic Boxing Association with World Champion Tony Zale, a supervisor of Job Corp, and a director of Recreation in Cook County system as a Lieutenant Sheriff and worked with notable law enforcers as Winston Moore and Richard English.Passport issued FEB 12 1964 when he traveled to the REPUBLIC of PERU to the capital Lima and arriving at its port of Callao to search out his family roots) the father of Daniel.


Our father Daniel Jr. the son of Daniel Sr. was born in 1941. At the age of 19 he served as a SP5 in the Vietnam War from 1960 to 1963.


In 1967 Dr. Martin Luther King (a documented Black Indian) sent his aide, Andrew Young to Israel and Jordan to prepare for the fulfillment of his dream to lay the groundwork for a peace pilgrimage of some of our people to Israel.†† But the outbreak of the Six-Day War and King's assassination the following year thwarted those plans.However, one year later in 1968 the first arrivals of our people came to investigate the holy land.And on December 12th 1969 the first group of our people settled in the land. Also around this time the term African American began to be used to describe every Black and Black Indian in United States.


In March of 1970, my family (granduncle Michael and third cousin Yacov) arrived with the second group.At that time Ben Ammi made my granduncle one of his twelve princes, however, he later relinquished the position when Ben Ammi exalted himself as the Messiah.


Afterward in 1972 to 1980 Daniel Jr. worked as a manager at Alden, Inc. in Chicago. In 1975 until 1980 he attended Malcolm X College to study Management, Data Processing and Social Science. In 1983 he took a job for 3 years as the manager of the Warehouse & Transportation for RUSH Presbyterian- St. Luke Medical in Chicago while he attended Governorís State University in University Park, Illinois to major in Business Administration and Psychology.


By 1993 Daniel had worked for 7 years at Spiegel, Inc. in Chicago as Manager of returned Goods and had increase productivity within the company by a total average of 18 percent and was over 4 group leaders (90 people in total). Within that same year he received a promotes to Manager of Production Control and continued working for the company for 2 more years. Daniel later studied at Columbia State University in Louisiana as a candidate for a doctoral in Business Administration and became the CEO of Atlantis Incorporation.


In 1995, perhaps as a result of the Million Man March, at the age of 54 Daniel decided to become a public servant and ran as a candidate for Alderman of the 17th Ward in Chicago, Illinois. He also was a senior court counsellor for a federally funded program called Project Alternative and was a counsellor for an Alcohol Addition Recovery program. His works in the community lead him to also study at the Midwest Theological Institute of Indiana where he successfully received a doctorate of Philosophy in Biblical Studies (aka Dr. Daniel Jr.).


The father of Howshua;

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