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Welcome to our web site! The First Family to translate the Torah/Bible from Ancient Hebrew into English. Please read the following...

Click here to read why we are the first to do this work.  Visit the U.S copyright office records on 'THIS REPORT' and also visit the Guinness World Records website


cover.jpgThis site is designed to for the purpose of displaying works of the Amariel Family and our books seeking publication.  Featuring the book "This Report" by Howshua Amariel. Please feel free to examine the first 5 chapters, which is the Introduction of "This Report".   Book Samples  Also feel free to visit the Amariel Family Store.


Journeys into the land of Israel...  


Taken in the 1994 Sabbath Year
Representing our African (Ham) Heritage


Taken in the 2001 Sabbath Year
Representing our Europian (Japhath) Heritage

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